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UU ZiemiBike - The world's first biomotion lighting

UU ZiemiBike - The world's first biomotion lighting

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The ZiemiBike is an additional safety lamp that illuminates the biomotion. Biomotion literally means ' human movement '. By making this visible, you will be seen and recognized as a cyclist, even from the side! As a result, fellow road users are automatically and unconsciously more careful and attentive .

ZiemiBike was conceived and designed by Luci. During her studies in Industrial Design at TU Delft, she invented Ziemi three years ago; an innovative way to increase cycling safety. Her teacher was so enthusiastic that he encouraged Luci to launch Ziemi. Together with friend Elianne, they started a crowdfunding campaign and so the Ziemi adventure began.

The number of bicycle accidents continues to rise every year. In 2022, for the third year in a row, there were more fatal bicycle accidents than in cars. As many as 20% of these accidents occur in the dark. Cyclists feel increasingly unsafe and therefore lose their enjoyment of cycling. But we are going to change that, because cycling is not only healthier but also more sustainable. Our goal? Making Ziemi the new standard! Are you participating?

* the holder is easy to mount on the stem due to the resealable toe wrap connection, the maximum size of the stem is a diameter of 56 mm
* The light clicks into the holder with a magnetic connection
* The light burns for 5.5 hours in the bright mode, 11 hours in the eco mode
* Ziemi is USB rechargeable and charged within 1.5 hours with the supplied cable

* Utrecht University logo

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