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Dom Candle 22 cm - Black

Dom Candle 22 cm - Black

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The Dom candle was invented by Ruud Snel. Ruud Snel was an entrepreneur and ran his candle shop in Utrecht for 47 years. He started in 1969 as Ruud's Waskit on Schalkwijkstraat and moved to Donkerstraat 23 in 1980, where the store was later called Happy Heart Candles. Ruud Snel was a well-known Utrecht resident as the inventor and maker of the Utrecht Dom candle, a wax cast model of the Utrecht Dom Tower that is often given as a gift and used as a business gift. With the death of Ruud at the end of February 2016, an ambassador from Utrecht passed away.

The nieces Mandy and Manon Snel have taken over this beautiful project. The dom candle is available in the size: 22 cm. Other formats on request by email

* Candle in the shape of the Cathedral
* 22 cm high
* Invented by the famous artist Ruud Snel
* 100% Utrecht 

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