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Correctbook Erasable A5 notebook

Correctbook Erasable A5 notebook

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Correctbooks are erasable notebooks where you can remove or add pages. Are you looking for a notebook that you can use endlessly? Then the Correctbook is the ideal sustainable option for you. Do you like to color within the lines? Then it is best to choose the lined version. But do you want all the space for your imaginations? In that case, the blank version is perfect for you. The notebook also comes with a black pen plus and a handy erasing cloth. 

Correctbook has been committed to combating illiteracy in the world since its inception. They do this by simply making writing accessible to everyone. The erasable notebooks have been used for years in schools in Rwanda, Kenya, Malawi, Ghana and Uganda. Correctbook has now provided more than 650,000 children with this sustainable writing material. The books they distributed in Rwanda in 2016 are still in use by the children (!).

Correctbook makes this possible, among other things, through its collaboration with Edukans, a foundation in the Netherlands with which they have set up a program called Teaching with Impact. 

A wonderful link with Utrecht University is that they conducted a study on behalf of Edukans about the positive effects of erasable writing, see a link to the news item below. The complete study is also available if you are interested.


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