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Board #1 About human behavior in public space

Board #1 About human behavior in public space

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#1 About human behavior in public space

The illustration on the board shows a fragment of an animation simulating a crowd.

How do large groups of people move through public space? Computer science scientists at Utrecht University develop simulation software to represent different scenarios. This helps municipalities, for example, when planning major events. The software shows, among other things, how people walk through a narrowing, how they can keep their distance from each other or how one-way traffic works best.

Our university is a great treasure chest full of beautiful stories. Every plate and cup from the Science x Porcelain collection tells such a story. The scientific patterns on the porcelain are the result of leading research and at the same time a decorative element.

The porcelain was made by Cor Unum, a ceramic studio in 's-Hertogenbosch where beautiful ceramics are made with great passion and craftsmanship. Cor Unum works with a team of professionals, students, designers, volunteers and people with distance to the labor market.


  • Plate: ø 19cm
  • Logo on the bottom
  • Packaging with sticker
  • Brochure with explanation of story
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